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CC Electrical Drafting specializes in providing customized high-quality electrical drafting services.

It is our goal to help ensure the safety of people and property by producing accurate electrical prints.


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Why is it important for your company to have up-to-date electrical prints?

SAFETY – With so much emphasis on Health & Safety today, it is important to ensure that employees are not put at risk working on a piece of equipment without up to date or legible wiring diagrams. By updating prints, you are helping to ensure the safety of the technicians that work for you!

EFFICIENCY - It is difficult to troubleshoot a piece of equipment without a print, or with an inaccurate print. Having accurate electrical diagrams allows technicians to quickly troubleshoot, diagnose and repair problems. This ensures equipment is up and running as quickly as possible, reducing downtime. This saves time and money!

IT’S THE LAW – Rule 2-010 of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code contains the requirements for submittal of plans to ESA’s Plan Review Department. It is a requirement to submit electrical plans for installations prior to any electrical work being completed where the electrical installation involves specified parameters. Visit for detailed information about these and other electrical code requirements. 

DUE DILIGENCE - Prints could be requested during inspections or during an investigation in the unfortunate event of an accident. Protect yourself and your employees by being prepared!